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People who have contributed

The GNU NLS utility was the first full-featured package directed at National Language Support in GNU packages. It was written in April-June 1995 by Ulrich Drepper. It had its roots in the development of the GNU C Library and of course in the (never officially released) GNU locale package, which was mostly written by Jim Meyering. Therefore a lot of people have participated in the process of creating this software.

Special thanks go to François Pinard <>, who did a major part of the testing and provided the Emacs PO mode, wrote major parts of the manual, and contributed the Perl interface, gettext.perl.

Special thanks also for Peter Miller <>, who invested a lot of time in making gettext usable in other than GNU projects, and wrote the msgmerge, msgcmp, and msgunfmt programs.

Further thanks go to all of the below for their valuable hints, fixes, discussions and contributions. And thanks to all members of the translation language teams for their translations.


Contributor Email address
Andreas Schwab <>
Bang Jun Young <>
Bill Perry <>
Bruno Haible <>
Christian von Roques <>
Derek Clegg <>
Enrique Melero Gómez <>
Eric Backus <>
Francesco Potortì <>
Frank Donahoe <>
Göran Uddeborg <>
Greg McGary <>
Jakub Jelinek <>
Jim Meyering <>
Joshua R. Poulson <>
Karl Berry <>
Karl Eichwalder <>
Kaveh R. Ghazi <>
Kenichi Handa <>
Larry Schwimmer <>
Marcus Daniels <>
Max de Mendizabal <>
Michel Robitaille <>
Nils Naumann <>
Noah Friedman <>
Paul Eggert <>
Roland McGrath <>
Sakai Kiyotaka <>
Santiago Vila Doncel <>
Taco Witte <info(@)tacowitte(dot)nl>
Thomas E. Dickey <>
Tom Tromey <>
Ulrich Drepper <>
Uwe Ohse <>