TP Translation Project You code, we translate.

Notable changes

During the move of the Translation Project (from the University of Montréal to Vrijschrift in Amsterdam) several changes were made to the scripts that drive the robot and generate the web pages. Below is a list of the most important ones.

  1. Static HTML

  2. Team and domain pages are now static HTML pages instead of getting produced on demand by a script. This makes the pages load quicker, gives them clean URLs, and finally gives the time stamp at the bottom some meaning: it is indeed the time the page was last updated.

  3. Immediate updates

  4. The PO-statistics (the "translated / total" numbers) are calculated at the very moment a PO file is added to the archives, instead of twice per day by a cron job. The corresponding team and domain pages are regenerated immediately after that, so they show the correct numbers instantly, instead of maybe half a day later.

  5. Symlink updated correctly

  6. The symlink in the latest/ subdirectory is only updated when a translator submits a PO file for the most recent POT file of a package, not when a translation of an older version is submitted. And only when the symlink is updated, the package maintainer is notified. This fixes a bug, since the maintainer should not get an email when a translator for some reason (maybe just to fix some glaring mistakes) updates an older version of the PO file, and most of all: the robot should not mistakenly indicate this older version as the most recent translation for that package and language.

  7. Differentiated emails

  8. The emails that the robot sends to the team lists about new PO files are now differentiated: a translator-submitted PO file is now announced with a different subject line than a completely new PO file (one that is derived from a new POT file from upstream).

  9. Better colours

  10. The colour scheme on the team pages was changed so that all colours are now about the same brightness, instead of getting too dark around the 50% level. Fully untranslated packages are now blue instead of red. And the domain pages are now coloured too.

  11. Clearer structure

  12. The structure of the site has been made clearer, several unneeded pages have been removed, and others undusted and made more concise.