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Date: Sat, 30 Jun 2007 05:48:01 +0200
From: Karl Eichwalder <ke (a)>
To: team-leaders (a)
Cc: all-maintainers (a)
Subject: Translation Project now hosted at

Hello team leaders and program maintainers,

The Translation Project has moved to a new place.  The new website
as of today is .

You will most probably have noticed that at there
were ongoing problems with the robot, with the website, and with
communication in general.  This should now change.  There will be
the inevitable hiccups at the start, but all in all the responses
of the robot and the coordinators should be quicker in the new
place, as there will be two extra people handling the mail, the
assignments, and any new POT files.

The new address of the robot is <>.  The
address for all other things, such as assignments and questions, is
<>.  Mail sent to the old address
at will be forwarded for some time.

The not-for-profit organisation Vrijschrift from the Netherlands,
sponsored by XS4all, kindly provides the hosting and support for
the new site.  Taco Witte got the ball rolling for this move, Benno
Schulenberg did most of the work.

For an overview of the changes that were made during the move, see:

It is our intention to first get things working smoothly at the new
site, and later on to look for things to improve.  If there are any
problems, or if you find outdated information on the website,
please let us know!

And feel free to ask any questions.  Send them to


                 The coordinators,

                     Karl Eichwalder
                     Martin von Löwis
                     Taco Witte
                     Benno Schulenberg

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