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October 6, 2002 - New Release: "What's the saga?"

This release sees the return of the Custom Filters in the Filter menu. It also fixes a few more important bugs and a handful of usability tweaks.

Suffixes of ".90" or higher in the version number are used to denote beta releases without confusing RPM's feeble brain with human-readable strings like "0.13.1.pre2".

New features
  • Custom Filters created via the Filter tool can now be applied to the header pane.

  • Pan's cache can now exceed 1 GB. (#94684, Duncan)
  • Pan now tries to show headers 'as-is' when 'show all headers' is active. (#91532, Christian Lohmaier)

Bug Fixes
  • Fixed i18n problem in the Task Manager's toolbar: in some locales the button text made the task manager too wide for small screens. (#79270, Kang Jeong-Hee)
  • Fixed 0.12.0 selection problem problem in the Task Manager. (#80276, Adam Bloch) (Patch submitted by Jacob Ilsų Christensen)
  • Fixed 0.12.0 keyboard shortcut problem in the Task Manager. (#85442, Gabi Davar) (Patch submitted by Jacob Ilsų Christensen)
  • Fixed 0.13.0 crash when rapidly switching groups.
  • Fixed bug that could cause filters on email address to fail.