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September 21, 2002 - New Release: "Initiating ``getting the hell out of here'' maneuver"

This release fixes a nasty memory and file leak, a couple of other bugs, and has some small usability improvements.

Suffixes of ".90" or higher in the version number are used to denote beta releases without confusing RPM's feeble brain with human-readable strings like "0.13.1.pre2".

  • To make Pan more consistent with the rest of the desktop, the system fonts are now used in the group/header/body panes. These can be overridden in Edit|Preferences|Appearance.
  • Gtk improvements to the server list window in Tools|Servers. (Patch submitted by Jacob Ilsø Christensen)
  • All scrollbars' policies are now set to `automatic'. (Patch submitted by Panagiotis Issaris)

Bug Fixes
  • Fixes large memory and file descriptor leaks. (#91916, John Portnoy) (#93538, James Hawtin)
  • Fix bug that mixed up the server selection menu. (#92645, Johann Glaser) (#91348, Alen Williams) (#91212, Stephen Beahm)
  • Fixed crash when parsing a corrupt mime message. (#92646, Søren Boll Overgaard)
  • Fix crash when user tried to get new headers in a folder. (#93449, Gollum)
  • When replying or following up, wrap the attribution line if needed. (#89539, Steve Fox)
  • Fixed header pane bug where ctrl-end fetched the last article. (Patch submitted by Jacob Ilsø Christensen)