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March 28, 2007 - Pan 0.126 "Demon Sweat"

It's been a month since the last release, which is a pretty long
time as Pan release cycles go.  This release has a couple of important
bug fixes and a handful of improvements, but expect the changes to be
smaller as we 'burn-in' for Pan 1.0.  Ideally 1.0 will be identical
to 0.126 (or 0.127 or ...) but with a sexier version number.

Bug Tickets addressed in this release:
 420618 Decode in a worker thread for faster GUI/network (Calin Culanu)
 423376 Status Bar's "tasks" and "log" buttons toggle the windows (Walt)
 411446 Use `Message-ID', not `Message-Id', when posting (Charles)
 411447 Header pane loses selection when deleting articles (Jeff Berman)
 411657 Post window's cursor appears in the wrong place (Frank Tabor)
 411659 post window's "save draft" file dialog gets confused (Charles)
 411959 profile's `Reply-To' header used wrong in 0.125 (Mimi Doucet)
 423684 Latest glib issues "memory warnings" on startup (SciFi)