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January 22, 2007 - Pan 0.121: "Dortmunder"

This release has an unusually big set of fixes and improvements.
The list of open bugzilla tickets for Pan 1.0 has never been smaller. :)

Bug Tickets addressed in this release:
 390784 crash when dragging over URL (Paul Williamson)
 394139 fix small memory leaks (Valgrind)
 398074 free memory read on socket error (Valgrind)
 396523 fix minor compiler warnings
 395475 make save dialog simpler and consistent with other Gnome apps
 393912 'cache article' should fetch articles in order (Per Hedeland)
 395069 faster thread filtering
 397409 remove unneeded temporary objects from Quark::to_view()
 380429 References: header breaks when superseding. (Stephane Gregoire)
 380902 Setting 'work offline' doesn't stop tasks (Axion)
 350999 Switching header threading loses selection (Artur Jachacy)
 353556 underline and bold conversion improvements (Matthias Urlichs)
 353453 position zoomed image based no where user clicked on image (Kim)
 357631 watched threads filtering not persistent (Steve Fox)
 376759 task pane should show info on selected tasks (Simon Williams)
 372013 use pan's error log in connection worker threads (K Haley)
 358925 download speeds aren't calculated accurately (Adrian Yee)
 355805 add "mark group read before xover" to prefs dialog (Brad Hudson)
 397348 add preferences option to clear the cache on exit (Bruce Bowler)
 350372 list missing parts of an incomplete multipart (gbzzl)
 350442 configurable newsrc location (Ken Bloom)
 392133 enable/disable automatic scrolling to images (Kevin Gottsman)
 397347 posting error message could be more helpful (Bruce Bowler)
 389887 the nntp 411 error message could be more helpful (Alen Williams)
 388717 connection messages could be more helpful (Guilhem Bonnefille)
 393352 no icon in the `post new article' window (Darren Albers)
 393357 no icon in the `about' window (Darren Albers)
 390735 ask user for save path if none specified
        when adding a nzb via command-line. (Darren Albers)