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November 10, 2006 - Pan 0.119: "Karma Hunters"

This is "weekly" beta #30 of a full Pan redesign and rewrite in C++.
The brisk release schedule is to encourage feedback and a short
turnaround time on bug fixes.  These betas will culminate very soon
with Pan 1.0, so feedback is strongly encouraged.

This week's release has a handful of small but important bugfixes,
as well as some good speedups.

This should be the last pre-1.0 release (just like the previous
two releases also should've been. ;)

Bug Tickets addressed in this release:
 372241 pan crashes on some malformed charset messages. (Artur Jachacy)
 370195 uulib/fptools.c crash (Antonio Godinho)
 371720 references: field breaks threads in thunderbird (Frederic Crozat)
 370930 speed up header pane filtering (Vincent Dupaquis)
 372616 Cancel / Supercedes is unable to recognize my articles (Frederic Crozat)
 363166 IPv6: no IPv4 fallback (Pav Lucistnik)
 373193 'get headers' menu adds xover task to bottom of queue (Bigfoot)
 371453 priority for post isn't high enough (Frederic Crozat)
 355805 add option to mark group read before getting new headers (Brad Hudson)