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November 2, 2006 - Pan 0.118: "Gustaf Von Musterhausen"

This is "weekly" beta #29 of a full Pan redesign and rewrite in C++.
The brisk release schedule is to encourage feedback and a short
turnaround time on bug fixes.  These betas will culminate very soon
with Pan 1.0, so feedback is strongly encouraged.

This release is intended to be the last before 1.0.
Of course, I said that last time too. =)

Bug Tickets addressed in this release:
 364357 repeated 502 error messages from server (J. D. McKim)
 362436 retrieving group list runs forever (Guilhèm Bonnefille, Søren Boll Overgaard)
 367578 crash when subscribing to an already subscribed group. (Axion)
 366542 crash with "ignore thread" when no thread selected
 365990 pan doesn't encode sender when sending (Christophe)
 360375 non-ascii subject is mangled (F. Crozat)
 363268 mixed-charset messages get garbled (Michael Rasmussen)
 366663 speed up sorting; also sort history breaks when "flipping" a column (Chris Petersen)
 366665 author with @ in "real name" gets chopped up (Chris Petersen)
 369008 make crc32 checking 50% faster during yEnc decoding (Charles)
 358061 let pan make multiple connections at once. (Duncan)
 361448 make statusbar use less vertical space (Michael Monreal)