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September 25, 2006 - Pan 0.114: "You'll Have to Go Sideways"

This is "weekly" beta #25(!) of a full Pan redesign and rewrite in C++.
The quick turnaround time between each beta is to squash as many bugs
as possible before the pending 1.0 release.  Feedback and bug reports
are very much encouraged.

Thanks to everyone whose suggestions were incorporated into this release:
Axion, Kevin Brammer, Artur Jachacy, Christophe Lambin, Robert Marshall,
Flammie Pirinen, and George Sherwood.  Honorable mention: valgrind.

Bug tickets addressed in this release:
 356805 fix 0.112 - 0.113 lockups.
 356834 crash: Cannot allocate memory during pthread_create
 356023 can't read an article with [XX/XX] in the subject
 357236 save another 3MB from startup overhead.
 356798 save another 2MB from startup overhead.
 357744 wasted space: classes w/no subclasses have virtual methods
 357073 uninitialized memory errors in body pane.
 357698 new followups mangled quoted non-UTF-8 text.
 356835 display utf-7 text correctly.
 356838 pan commandline not closing after ctrl-c.
 357230 simleys (emoticons) break links
 356827 delete attachment when deleting article