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August 18, 2006 - Pan 0.109: "Beable"

This is "weekly" beta #20 of a full Pan redesign and rewrite in C++.
The quick turnaround time between each beta is to squash as many bugs
as possible before the pending 1.0 release.  Feedback and bug reports
are very much encouraged.

This week's release includes a couple of serious bugfixes, a large number
of minor bugfixes, and some new features that were required to get the
rewrite back into GNKSA compliance.

Thanks to the people whose suggestions were incorporated into this release:
Darren Albers, Jeff Berman, Frederic Bezies, Duncan, Christophe Gisquet,
Per Hedeland, Artur Jachacy, Samuli Karkkain, Charles Kerr, Christian Lohmaier,
Danny Milo, Sam Morris, Soren Boll Overgaard, and Roger Pao.

Bug tickets addressed in this release:

 351573 GNKSA: allow users to send mail from Pan
 351577 GNKSA: allow users to cancel and supersede their own articles.
 351804 0.108 crash sometimes when reading messages or following-up.
 351312 Oscillating size-to-fit.
 351301 0.108 didn't build on gtk+ < 2.6.
 351289 0.108 didn't build on Windows.
 351574 GNKSA: show interesting Newsgroups, Followup-To, and Reply-To headers.
 351576 GNKSA: honor followup-to, reply-to headers correctly.
 351245 "browse" button in save dialog sets wrong directory sometimes.
 351228 0.108's "default Windows browser" didn't work.
 351735 fix gcc 3.2.x build error.
 351244 wasn't marked for translation.
 351316 Text error in View|Layout menu.
 351520 fix rpmlint warnings.
 351888 Missing header in posts: content-transfer-encoding.
 351258 Updated French translation.
 351238 Organize global menus and context menus similarly
 351365 GNKSA followup to subject "RE:" gives a subject "Re: RE"
 351024 Improve the Windows version of Pan with icons, metadata
 351033 make header text selectable in the body pane.
 350501 handle sigterm gracefully.