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August 13, 2006 - Pan 0.108: "Mama's Little Joyboy Loves Lobsters, Lobsters"

This is "weekly" beta #19 of a full Pan redesign and rewrite in C++. 
It's now feature-complete for an upcoming 1.0 release and is being cycled
through weekly betas to squash as many bugs as possible before 1.0.

Bug tickets closed for this release:

Feedback and bug reports are ever-more valuable as we approach 1.0.
Everyone is encouraged to download this version and test it to pieces.

Thanks to the people whose suggestions were incorporated into this release:
Jeff Berman, Frederic Bezies, Ken Bloom, Douglas Bollinger, Dave Chand,
Duncan, Christophe Gisquet, Per Hedeland, Artur Jachacy, Joshua Kwan,
Jeremy Messenger, and Soren Boll Overgaard.

 348925 Let users specify which web browser to use for links.
 350796 Fixed crash on reading articles.
 351120 Fixed display of multipart yEnc images.
 350514 Non-UTF-8 clean message bodies weren't quoted in replies in 0.107.
 350501 handle sigterm, sigquit, etc. gracefully.
 350511 Name in the attribution line is garbled somtimes.
 349009 "Show matching articles' Threads" option wasn't being saved
 350971 area to the right of a URL link is clickable.
 349710 Add preferences setting to turn off smooth scrolling.
 350609 Updated French translation.
 350598 Can't put compose window behind the reader window.
 350803 configure script portability changes.
 350984 more configure script portability changes.
 350541 follow standards for desktop file location.
 350956 follow standards for the desktop categories list.
 350531 fix grammar errors in "Save Articles" window.