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August 8, 2006 - Pan 0.107: "Umi De No Jisatsu"

This is "weekly" beta #18 of a full Pan redesign and rewrite in C++. 
It's now feature-complete for an upcoming 1.0 release and is being cycled
through weekly betas to squash as many bugs as possible before 1.0.

Bug tickets closed for this release:

Feedback and bug reports are ever-more valuable as we approach 1.0.
Everyone is encouraged to download this version and test it to pieces.

Thanks to the people whose suggestions were incorporated into this release:
Frederic Bezies, Shining Chaos, Baris Cicek, Duncan, gbzzl,
Sam Guidice, K. Haley, Per Hedeland, Daniel Hobe, Artur Jachacy,
Sven Wegener, and Volker Wysk.

 349784 When server returns a 482, make it clear to the user.
 350309 Ellipsize text that doesn't fit into a column in the header pane.
 350063 New French translation.
 349797 Make behavior for 'read more' a preference option
 349751 Tasks window can't be put behind main window
 350040 Add --with-gnome and --with-gtkspell arguments to configure script.
 349752 Multiple task and log windows could be opened.
 349753 Fixed 0.106 bug: the post window's warning dialog (#349312) appears when posting succeeds.
 349721 Fixed problems with changing the Subject or Newsgroups header in followups.
 350371 When 'show all headers' is on, those headers were included in new followups posted by Pan.
 349850 No way to make servers go back online after an error occurs.
 346579 Some articles with mislabeled character encodings couldn't be displayed at all.
 350485 Poor handling of noise in multipart uu messages.
 349734 followup quoting error (odd character in "From:" header issue?)
 349700 Fixed bug when queueing multiparts that had missing parts.
 350026 The group preferences dialog wasn't marked for translation.