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August 2, 2006 - Pan 0.106: "Dum Maro Dum"

This is "weekly" beta #17 of a full Pan redesign and rewrite in C++. 
It's now feature-complete for an upcoming 1.0 release and is being cycled
through weekly betas to squash as many bugs as possible before 1.0.

Bug tickets closed for this release:

Feedback and bug reports are ever-more valuable as we approach 1.0.
Everyone is encouraged to download this version and test it to pieces.

Thanks to the people whose suggestions were incorporated into this release:
Darren Albers, Jeff Berman, Douglas Bollinger, Damian, K Haley,
Ken Geis, Artur Jachacy, Charles Kerr, Christophe Lambin, Lin,
Sandy Weicks, Alen Williams, and XioNoX.

 348458 'space' now goes to the next article, not the next unread article.
 349022 couldn't mark a collapsed thread as read.
 349312 warn if closing the Post dialog if changed text hasn't been saved or posted.
 348881 crashed when the group's sort order got corrupted.
 349597 crashed when the queue is very large.
 349053 crashed when the scorefile had headers that Pan didn't recognize.
 349498 multipart corruption in datafiles.
 345626 the header pane didn't always show that an article was cached or queued.
 349016 Articles with a score of -9999 were shown when matching an article's threads.
 349145 Pan, when started with the --nzb argumnet, didn't exit when 'close' was pressed.
 349495 header pane sorting didn't stick when changing groups.
 349550 if 'mark all read when leaving group' is checked mark all read when exiting Pan too.