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July 26, 2006 - Pan 0.105: "When Churchill opened the door, it was a new car, a Chevrolet Nova."

This is weekly beta #16 of a full Pan redesign and rewrite in C++.  It fills out the all the
'hey you forgot' mail that came in when I incorrectly said that the last release was
feature-complete for the upcoming 1.0 release. :)

Bug tickets closed for this release

Feedback and bug reports are ever-more valuable as we approach 1.0.
Everyone is encouraged to download this version and test it to pieces.

Thanks to the people whose suggestions were incorporated into this release:
Darren Albers, Jeff Berman, Dave Chand, Duncan, Kevin Gottsman, Jim Henderson,
Artur Jachacy, Charles Kerr, Christophe Lambin, Soren Boll Overgaard,
David Shochat, and Ufuk YILDIRIM.

* New
 348667 add a profile setting to specify which server to post articles through.
 348437 revived 0.14 feature: per-group save paths.
 348660 revived 0.14 feature: let users remap keyboard accelerators via ~/.pan2/accels.txt.
 348704 revived 0.14 feature: "add similar articles to selection"
 342034 revived 0.14 feature: shift-g and g to go to next group and unread group.
 342032 revived 0.14 feature: 'a' to get new headers; shift-a to get new headers in subscribed groups.

* Tweaks
 348707 desensitize the "group properties" menu button when no group is selected.
 348178 remember the number of days and headers specified in the 'download headers' dialog.
 348676 put groupname in 'download headers' dialog so multiple dialogs can be told apart.
 348441 in the posting profiles dialog, let users browse for their sig file.
 348669 in the posting profiles dialog, double-clicking a profile pops up its edit window.

* Bugs
 348447 fixed 0.104 overflow crash.
 348802 filtering by cached didn't work.
 337319 news servers couldn't be deleted.
 348451 fixed 0.104 bug causing `next article' to fail if no article was selected.
 348472 fixed 0.104 build error w/gtk 2.4.