Welcome to the FreeDOS v1.1 update server
Last update: 7 Apr 2010

This is the main (and only) page of the FreeDOS Update Server. You will find below the listing of all available FreeDOS packages in their (presumably) most up to date versions (there are some third-party tools, too). The easiest way of installing them is using the FreeDOS Updater. Of course, you can install them manually if you wish.

Are you the author/maintainer of one of the listed software? If so, please check if my repository contains the latest available version, and send me the latest version of your program. That will greatly help me maintaining the repository up to date.

I'm working on the FreeDOS update repository in my free time. If you would like to give me a hand, you could check out the work-in-progress queue to verify and/or repackage some files.

Package name Entered date Description
4DOS 8.00 2008-11-7 4DOS replaces the default command interpreter that are supplied with your operating system. (4DOS replaces COMMAND.COM for DOS)
7-zip 4.55 30 Nov 2007 7-Zip is a file archiver with high compression ratio. The program supports 7z, ZIP, CAB, RAR, ARJ, GZIP, BZIP2, Z, TAR, CPIO, RPM and DEB formats. Compression ratio in the new 7z format is 30-50% better than ratio in ZIP format.
APPEND 5.0-0.6 2006-01-23 APPEND enables programs to open data files in specified directories as if the files were in the current directory.
ARJ 2.78 30 Nov 2007 The open-source ARJ archiver.
assign 1.4 12DEC99 Assign a drive letter to a different drive
attrib 2.1 2003/07/01 Display and set file attributes
Biew 5.73 15 Feb 2009 Biew is a binary/hexadecimal viewer/editor.
Bootfix 1.4 15 Feb 2009 Bootfix is a boot sector testing and fixing tool.
BZIP2 1.0.5 2008-06-19 BZIP2 compression program
CABExtract 1.1 2008-09-05 CABExtract can extract files from a variety of Microsoft CAB formats.
CHKDSK 0.9.1 2006-10-18 Check the disk for errors.
choice 4.4 2003-07-15 Present a choice to the user and wait for a key (uses kitten instead of cats)
Clam AntiVirus 0.92 27 Jan 2008 Clam AntiVirus is an open source (GPL) anti-virus toolkit for UNIX, designed especially for e-mail scanning on mail gateways. It provides a number of utilities including a flexible and scalable multi-threaded daemon, a command line scanner and advanced tool for automatic database updates. The core of the package is an anti-virus engine available in a form of shared library.
FreeCom 0.84 pre 2 Jul 6 2006 06:54:37 The FreeDOS Command Shell
COMP 1.04 2006-10-21 Compare files and display their differences
Country.sys 2009-04-06 Kernel NLS codepage file
CPI (Code Page Information) Package 2.1 05 Apr 2009 Package of DISPLAY-type, UPX-compressed CPI files with various DOS codepages.
CTMouse 2.1b4 22/07/2008 The FreeDOS mouse driver
cURL 7.10.5 2009-04-05 Curl is a command line tool for transfering data specified with URL syntax.
CWSDPMI r5 05 Apr 2009 32-bit DPMI DOS extender designed for DJGPP.
DEBUG 1.13 28 Feb 2008 A program testing and editing tool
Defrag 1.31 23 Jul 2008 Defragmentation utility.
deltree 1.02f 06 Apr 2005 Delete a directory and all directories under it
Devload 3.21 23 Jul 2008 Commandline device driver loading program, supports UMBs.
Dialog 1.1-20080819 February 13, 2009 Display dialog boxes in shell scripts
DISKCOMP 06jun2003 2003-06-06 Disk comparing utility
DiskCopy beta 0.95 23 Jul 2008 Copy one disk or image file to an other
DOS/32A 9.1.2 15 Feb 2009 DOS/32A is a DOS extender.
DOSZIP 1.31 2009-01-18 DOSZIP is a Norton Commander clone written in Borland C/C++ 3.1.
FreeDOS Edit 0.9a 04/09/2008 FreeDOS improved clone of MS-DOS Edit
EDLIN 2.10c 2007-06-02 The edlin program is the FreeDOS standard line editor.
exe2bin 1.5 24JUL2006 Convert an exe file to bin format
flat assembler (fasm) 1.64 2005-08-08 fast but powerful 80x86 assembler
fc 3.03 2005-01-10 File compare utility
FCE Ultra 0.81 04 Apr 2009 FCE Ultra is an open-source NES emulator
FDAPM 20dec2007 2007-12-20 APM / ACPI control/info, energy saving TSR/control, cache flush, rebooting... {a replacement for MS-DOS POWER}
FDISK 1.3.1 2008-11-25 Fixed disk tool - create partitions.
FreeDOS Package Manager 0.2 11 Nov 2009 Manages installing removing and updating of FreeDOS packages in zip or 7zip format
FDShield 2006aug31 15 Feb 2009 FDShield is a malware blocker.
FreeDOS Updater 0.54 07 Dec 2008 The FreeDOS Updater allows to easily maintain your FreeDOS system up to date. It may be used to install new software, too.
fdxms 0.94.Bananas 2005-05-28 Replacement XMS driver for '386 systems or better.
fdxms286 0.03.Temperaments 2005-05-28 Replacement XMS driver for '286 systems or better.
find 3.0a LFN (24 Sep 2007) 2007-09-24 Display all lines in one or more files that contain a given string. Inverse and case-insensitive search possible as well.
Format 0.91v (14 Jan 2006) 2006-01-14 Disk formatting program -- creates FAT file systems and lowlevel-formats floppy disks
FoxCalc 0.92 31 December 2007 A nice calculator. It have a TUI and mouse support.
GCDROM 2.4 2007-05-07 SATA native IDE CD/DVD-ROM driver for DOS (aka "ODD DOS driver") supports all SATA Native IDE controller, such as Intel ICH6/ICH7/ICH8, Jmicron 363/368, Nvidia CK804 MCP55/MCP51 etc.
GZIP 1.2.4 2007-04-23 GNU zip compression - a file archiver tool, like PKZIP
Help 1.0.6 2009-03-30 HTML viewer and content for FreeDOS help
HTGET 1.06 10 Apr 2009 HTGET is a file grabber that will get files from HTTP servers.
Info-ZIP 2.3 2004-08-24 A file archiver tool, like PKZIP. Incudes ZIP and UNZIP.
JEMM386 5.72 23 Jul 2008 Jemm386 is an Expanded Memory Manager for DOS, based on the source of FreeDOS EMM386. It has several advantages compared to FreeDOS and/or MS-DOS EMM386. * needs only 192 bytes DOS memory * needs very little extended memory * is faster * works with MS-DOS, FreeDOS and EDR-DOS * will use features implemented on later CPUs to further increase speed * unlike FreeDOS Emm386 Jemm386 has full VDS support * can be loaded from the command line
The FreeDOS Kernel 2038 stable (SVN preview 10/2008) 2008-04-02 The FreeDOS Kernel (stable branch)
LABEL 1.4b.ea 2008-12-12 Sets or changes the disk volume label
LBACACHE 2008apr07 23 Jul 2008 Disk cache, caches reads for max 8 CHS / LBA hard disks and floppies, XMS, 386 or better - tickle comes with lbacache!
Locate 1.31 09 Dec 2003 Find files and directories
LS_Color 16may1995 1 Dec 2007 Displays directory's content in a similar way to the UNIX "ls" command.
Lua 4.0 2009-02-22 Lua is a programming language created at Tec
LZMA Utils 4.32.7 Dec 9, 2008 Works with .lzma compressed files (different from 7-zip
MD5SUM 3.0-pre 21NOV05 MD5 Checksummer
MEM 1.11 30nov2007 Displays the amount of used and free memory in your system
MetaKern 11oct2003 2003-06-15 Allows to install several DOS / Windows kernels on a single disk or partition: Loaded by the FreeDOS boot sector, MetaKern lets the user select a kernel at boot time. Read the manual before use!
Mirror 0.2 24 March 1999 Records information about the disk for possible data recovery.
MKEYB 0.40 17 Mar 2004 Very small Keyboarddriver, 500-700 Bytes resident
mode 12may2005 2006-05-20 Set the mode of your devices: - send ESC/P control codes for 80/132 cols and 6/8 lpi to printer - redirect printer to NUL or serial port - set serial port parameters - do codepage operations and display status of DISPLAY - select 40/80/132x25/28/43/50/60 screen mode or select x8/14/16 font, availability depending on your hardware. Shift CGA display sideways. - control and check switchar and keyboard (num/...) lock states - control keyboard repeat rate and delay
more 4.3 2007-10-01 Displays the contents of a text file one page at a time
Move 3.3a 2006-08-30 Moves files from here to there
Nansi 4.0d (2007may26) 2003-12-01 An ANSI driver for DOS
Nasm 2.05.01 15 Feb 2009 Nasm is an assembler.
NLSFUNC.EXE 0.4 2006-08-22 NLSFUNC adds NLS (National Language Support) functionality
NTFS 30Mar2001 22 Feb 2009 Enables access to ntfs partitions
Ranish Partition Manager 2.37 2009-02-22 Partition Manager can: Save and restore MBR; Create and delete partitions; View hard disks' IDE information; Format and resize FAT-16 and FAT-32 file systems; Comes with Advanced Boot Managers.
FreeDOS Password 0.50 2005-04-05 Password program -- Protects your computer from stranger's access
PCISLEEP 12 mar 2005 15 Feb 2009 PCISLEEP lists and sleeps pci cards.
PERL 5.8.8 2009-02-22 Perl is a computer language create by Larry Wall.
PG (PaGer) 1.16 2007-11-27 Displays the contents of a text file one page at a time
PRINT 1.02.ea 2008-12-12 Print files in the background while you do other things.
RAREAD 1.1 2001-08-10 Reads the image for a floppy disk (that can be written using RAWRITE). Useful for creating disk images.
RECOVER 0.1 (BETA) 2004-02-07 Recover disks or lost files.
REPLACE 1.2 2001-03-25 Replaces files in the destination directory with files from the source directory that have the same name.
Partition Saving 3.70 15 Fev 2009 Partition Saving save/restore/copy parts or whole disks.
Search 1.0 01 Apr 2003 Locates files on your computer
SHARE 08/2006 2007-10-20 Installs file sharing and locking capabilities on your hard disk - for FreeDOS kernel only
SHSUCDX 3.04 2006-10-01 Free CDROM extender for DOS
SHSUFDRV 1.02 2005-12-22 SHSUFDRV is a driver for floppy and hard disk images. SHSURDRV copies the image to RAM and/or creates RAM drives.
sort 1.4 (23 Sep 2007) 2007-09-23 Sort the contents of a text file, optionally using the NLS collate table
SRDISK (resizeable RAM disk) 2.09c 2005-07-23 Resizeable Ramdisk. Srdisk is fast and able to use over 32 MB of XMS and EMS memory. The size of the disk can be changed without rebooting or loss of content. Diskcopy compatible.
swsubst 3.2 27NOV2002 SUBST and JOIN
SYS (part of kernel) - - Make a drive bootable with FreeDOS.
TAR (GNU TAR) 1.12 2008-01-20 A tape archiver
TDE (Thomson-Davis Editor) 5.1v 2007-05-01 TDE is a simple, public domain, multi-file/multi-window binary and text file editor written for IBM PCs and close compatibles running DOS, Win32 (console)
TEE 2.0.3 2008-07-27 Saves a copy of its input to a file, while printing a copy to stdout
Testdisk (and Photorec) 6.10 15 Feb 2009 Testdisk checks partition/bootsector of disks; Photorec recovers many types of data
CTorrent dnh3.2 27 Jan 2008 CTorrent is a BitTorrent client implemented in C++ to be lightweight and quick.
TOUCH 1.4.4 2010-03-31 Set the date + time stamp on a file like *nix "touch"
Tree 3.7.2 2002-09-03 Graphically displays the folder structure of a drive or path. Support for message catalogs (different languages) using cats, and can be compiled for both Windows NT/9x and DOS.
Undelete 2008 05 Apr 2009 Undelete allows to undelete erased (but recoverable) files from a FAT16/FAT32 filesystem.
UNFORMAT 0.8 1999-03-24 Unformat a disk that you accidentally formatted.
Unrar 3.71 beta 1 30 Nov 2007 Unrar is a file decompressor with high compression ratio.
UPX 3.03 2008-02-23 UPX is a free, portable, extendable, high-performance executable packer for several different executable formats. It achieves an excellent compression ratio.
WDE 3.0b 15 Feb 2009 Wde is a disk editor.
Wget 1.8.2 2002-09-02 The non-interactive network downloader.
which 2.1 20 Mar 2002 which is a utility born in the UNIX world that enables users to find executable files in directories listed in the PATH environment variable. Full wildcard support, relative pathnames, optional file details (size, date). User-definable program extensions, codepage-correct time/date formatting. New DOS switchar support.
XCDROM 2.2 15 Feb 2009 XCDROM is a DOS driver for CDROMS.
XCopy 1.4 2007-09-22 Copies files and directory trees.
xDel 2.04 22MAY2002 Extended file delete, DR-DOS like
XDMA 3.3 2006-05-23 UDMA driver for DOS: up to 4 unlimited size hard drives
Xfdisk 0.9.3 Beta 15 Feb 2009 Xfdisk is a fdisk like software that is used to partition disks.
XGREP 1.03 2007-03-09 Fast UNIX-like `grep' clone supporting regular expressions
xmsdsk 1.9I 02 Jan 2009 xmsdsk is a ramdisk driver
Total packages: 110