New Release

CU-SeeMe version 0.92 is a new Windows release from Cornell University. It is entirely Win32, and runs on Windows 95 and Windows NT. And, it is free.

New Features for Version 0.92

And, of course, all the features from the previous version (0.90) are still here.

Software Development

The principal author of this version of CU-SeeMe is Steve Edgar. Audio improvements by Phil Childs. AuxData by Larry Chase.


Cornell offers no support for this software other than the information contained in this Visual User's Guide. Watch these pages for further news and updates. The CU-SeeMe-L list generates a lot of mail and is a great way to keep up with the latest CU-SeeMe developments and meet other users with similar needs and hardware. For more information about the CU-SeeMe lists, return to the CU-SeeMe Home Page.