CU-SeeMe Reflectors for Multiparty Conferencing

The CU-SeeMe Reflector was constructed out of necessity, there being no support in the Macintosh TCP/IP facilities for multicast. You need to use a CU-SeeMe reflector to have a multiparty conference using CU-SeeMe software on the Internet. CU-SeeMe reflectors provide the ability to send multicast but not to receive. Without reflectors only point-to-point connections connecting two CU-SeeMe users are possible at this time.

Reflector Etiquette

In consideration for those who operate reflectors, please observe the following practices when connecting to someone else's reflector:

A GENERAL CAUTION: Currently CU-SeeMe conferences are open to viewing by anyone who connects with an active reflector. Anyone who hangs out on an active reflector can see anyone who tunes in to that reflector as reflector software repeats all streams of a conference to all receivers.

PLEASE TREAT THE INTERNET KINDLY--keep b/w limits set down under 100kbps, or less if you share limited bandwidth with others. Many, many folks connected to the Internet can use CU-SeeMe with default settings and cause no problem to anyone else; but unfortunately, not everyone. If you don't know whether using CU-SeeMe will mess up the network for someone else, CHECK IT OUT first, please.