Graphic Kersting, Georg Friedrich (German, 1785-1847)

Graphic Man Reading by Lamplight, 1814, oil on canvas, Oskar Reinhart Foundation, Winterthur. 141KB

Graphic Kessel, Jan van (Dutch, approx. 1626-1679)

Graphic Still Life with Fruit and Shellfish, 1653, oil on canvas, Galleria degli Uffizi, Florence. 165KB

Graphic Africa (central panel, detail), 1664-66, oil on copper, Pinakothek, Munich. 176KB

Graphic Europe (central panel, detail), 1664-66, oil on copper, Pinakothek, Munich. 168KB

Graphic Kessel the Younger, Jan van (Dutch, approx. 1654-1708)

Graphic Portrait of a Family in a Garden, 1680, oil on canvas, Museo del Prado, Madrid. 195KB

Graphic Ketel, Cornelis (Dutch, Practiced mainly in England, 1548-1616)

Graphic Portrait of Thomas Pead, 1578, oil on panel. 118KB

Graphic Keuninck, Kerstiaen de (Flemish, 1560-approx. 1635)

Graphic Landscape with Tobias and the Angel, oil on panel, The Hermitage, St. Petersburg. 142KB

Graphic Keyl, Friedrich Wilhelm (German, practiced mainly in England, 1823-1871)

Graphic At the Blacksmith's Shop, oil on canvas. 160KB

Graphic Keyser, Thomas De (Dutch, approx. 1586-1667)

Graphic Portrait of a Woman Holding a Balance, oil on canvas, Private collection, New York. 92KB

Graphic Constantijn Huygens and his Clerk, 1627, panel, National Gallery, London. 133KB

Graphic Khanenko Adoration, Master of the (Flemish, 1400s)

Graphic Adoration of the Magi Triptych, oil on wood, Musée des Beaux-Arts, Saint-Omer. 179KB

Graphic Khnopff, Fernand (Belgian, 1858-1921)

Graphic Study of Women, 1887, red chalk on paper, private collection, New York. 93KB

Graphic I Lock my Door Upon Myself, 1891, oil on canvas, Neue Pinakothek, Munich. 85KB

Graphic Study of a Woman, 1896, pencil with white highlights on paper, private collection, Turin. 131KB

Graphic Art, or The Sphinx, or The Caresses, 1896, oil on canvas, Musées Royaux des Beaux-Arts, Brussels. 119KB

Graphic The Abandoned Town, 1904, charcoal drawing, black pencil and pastel on paper backed with canvas, Musées Royaux des Beaux-Arts, Brussels. 108KB

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